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ITS Africa is a leading supplier of a complete range of specialised cleaning equipment for homes and gardens across South Africa, including sweepers. As part of our offers on specialised Kärcher cleaning equipment for homes, we offer high-quality, versatile, and affordable Karcher sweepers that are ideal for  thorough cleaning of patios, paving, drive ways, tennis courts, etc. With an ergonomic design and exceptional cleaning and sweeping performance. Our offers on sweepers will enhance your approach to cleaning in the home with a solution that not only simplifies your cleaning tasks, but allows you to do them effortlessly, quickly, and above all, thoroughly. Designed to be effective, easy to use, and affordable, our sweepers can simplify the way you clean the home, today.

Sweeper S4 Twin

Two side brushes, 20 l waste hopper and 680 mm sweeping width: the Sweeper S4 Twin for year-round applications on smaller and narrower areas and thorough cleanliness right to the edge. Sweeps five times faster than with a broom: the convenient S4 Twin makes it possible – and is easy on your back. Click here for pricing or to order online.