Dry Ice Cleaning Equipment

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Thanks to airflow optimisations, our Ice Blaster IB 7/40 impresses with excellent results during dry ice cleaning, even when working with low air pressures. Compact device.

The Ice Blaster IB 7/40 Advanced has a jet gun with integrated remote control and also guarantees the best results with dry ice cleaning at low air pressures.

The Ice Blaster IB 15/120 is one of the most powerful dry ice blasting machines on the market. It impresses with its robustness, highly reliable technology and the best results in dry ice cleaning.

Produce up to 55 kg of dry ice pellets with the IP 55 dry-ice pelletiser from Kärcher – directly on site, thereby saving costs and guaranteeing faster cleaning results.

Fresh dry ice pellets for faster cleaning results: our IP 120 dry-ice pelletiser produces 120 kg of dry ice pellets per hour – directly where they are needed.