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Karcher Wet & Dry VacuumsKarcher Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaners for Professionals have been developed for the most demanding applications in industry and trade, making day-to-day work easier with maximum power. Durability and user-friendliness is where the robust vacuum cleaners scores highly.

Dust is a complex mixture of air and solid particles of different shapes and sizes. The chemical composition and physical characteristics may also vary significantly. Dust is categorised into the L, M or H classes using these variables depending on the hazard levels. Fibres, such as the particularly dangerous asbestos and mineral fibres (when < 5 µm), can also penetrate deep into the respiratory tract. The exact identification of the individual dust classes is therefore important in order to be able to select the right vacuum cleaner when the danger has been assessed.

Our special vacuums offer tailored solutions for particular applications, such as vacuum cleaners with built-in disposal pumps for fire brigades and construction companies, as well as our vacuum cleaner for bakeries. The safety vacuum cleaners ensure that health is protected wherever users are exposed to respirable dusts in dust class M or hazardous dust in dust class H. What’s more, our range of  Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaners for Professionals includes explosion-proof NT vacuum cleaners for hazard class zone 22.

Window and Surface Vacuum Cleaner WVP 10

Our battery-powered WVP 10 window- and surface vacuum cleaner is always comfortable to hold whether you are working on horizontal or vertical surfaces, or even overhead. Ideal for all smooth surfaces such as windows and tiles.

The NT 30/1 Me Classic is a practical and robust wet and dry vacuum cleaner. The 1,500 Watt machine features a 30-litre container and removes all kinds of dirt.

Dual-motor NT 50/2 Me Classic wet and dry vacuum cleaner with cartridge filter and 50-litre container. For all kinds of wet and coarse dirt. Outstanding suction power, handling and quality!

The NT 70/2 Me Classic is a robust, powerful and easy-to-use dual-motor wet and dry vacuum cleaner with a 70-litre container for coarse dirt, dust and liquids.

Compact yet unbelievably powerful wet and dry vacuum cleaner entry-level unit. Due to its low weight, the NT 22/1 Ap is ideal for mobile use.

Perfect for tradespeople: NT 22/1 Ap wet and dry vacuum cleaner with power outlet (with auto-start feature), strong suction power and semi-automatic cleaning system. Compact, lightweight entry-level device.

The craftsman's favorite among wet and dry vacuum cleaners: the Kärcher NT 30/1 Tact Te with power outlet (automatic on/off switch) and Tact filter cleaning for uninterrupted work.

Compact and easy to transport: the NT 40/1 Tact Te wet and dry vacuum cleaner with Tact filter cleaning system and 40-litre bumpered container for long, uninterrupted operation.


Our NT 40/1 Tact Bs bakery vacuum cleaner was developed specifically for the special requirements of bakeries and cake shops. The vacuum cleaner easily copes with large quantities of fine dust.

Hazardous Vacuum Cleaner NT 50/1 Tact Te H

Licensed for asbestos abatement and many other applications: Hazardous Vacuum Cleaner NT 50/1 Tact Te H wet and dry with 50-litre container for vacuuming hazardous dusts in dust class H.

The NT 65/2 Ap is a powerful, 2-motor wet and dry vac for professional applications. The suction power remains nearly constant due to the efficient cleaning of the flat pleated filter by blasts of air.

The Kärcher Tact² systems are ever popular as specialist systems and as all-rounders thanks to their high level of mobility and excellent performance, their solid construction and their wide range of practical design features. Models with a tilting chassis are particularly efficient in industrial settings, where the removal of liquids, dirt and debris is called for.

Powerful wet/dry vacuum cleaner with 70 l container capacity and up to three motors.

The TÜV tested NT 75/1 Me Ec H Z22 safety vacuum cleaner is a powerful, single motor wet and dry vacuum cleaner for explosive dust (hazard class zone 22) with continuous anti-static system.