Battery Twintec Range

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Numatic Battery Twintec Floor Scrubber

The Numatic Battery Twintec Floor Scrubber increases cleaning productivity and  decreases fatigue levels in workers ensuring high quality cleaning results on your floors.

Floor scrubbers speed up the cleaning process significantly and provide pristine cleaning results on various floor types. A battery powered Floor Scrubber is the best option in high traffic areas to avoid people tripping over a power cable as well as in areas where the is little or no access to power points.

Running times vary between the models and are between 1 and 5 hours. With the introduction of the innovative new NX300 batteries on certain models, the charging time is reduced and the battery can be recharged to 80 % in just 1 hour. NX300 batteries can also be interchanged between other battery machines using the same battery type.

Numatic Floor Scrubber 244NX

Often the only solution when cleaning in small and congested areas has been traditional mopping, typically leaving floors wet with inconsistent results. Lightweight and easy to use, the 244NX leaves floors clean, dry and safe whilst reducing labour costs by 70% and water use by 80%.*

Numatic Floor Scrubber TGB1840NX

The TGB1840NX Battery Scrubber Dryer offers compact, cordless and convenient cleaning with the performance of a much bigger machine. The high-performance digital motor combined with powerful NX300 36V Battery Technology delivers clean, dry floors every time.

Numatic Floor Scrubber TGB4045 Battery

The TGB4045 is the classic Numatic TwinTec 24V battery model. Features include a Structofoam tilting brush deck, polyform tanks, fully sealed gel batteries, built in battery charger, heavy duty TwinFlo wet pick-up vacuum system and heavy duty geared brush drive. • Fully Sealed Gel Batteries - Maintenance-free batteries to ensure the highest standard of operational life. • Twinflo Vacuum Motor - Provides exceptional wet pick up. • Structofoam Tilting Brush Deck - Making brush and pad changing quick and easy. • Easy Operation - Simple on / off trigger control. • On-Board Charging - Convenient and easy, just plug and go.

Numatic Floor Scrubber TGB4055

Numatic Floor Scrubber TGB4055 - Optimise cordless convenience with 40 litre capacity and 550 mm scrub width, user friendly controls and on-board charging system help make for true versatile cleaning convenience.

Numatic Floor Scrubber TGB6055

Numatic Floor Scrubber TGB6055 - cordless convenience, with huge 60 litre capacity and 550 mm scrub width, addresses the need for bigger capacity whilst maintaining compact design.

Numatic Floor Scrubber TGB8572

Easy-to-use controls combined with professional cleaning. The TGB8572 is designed with large areas in mind. With its large 85L water capacity and wide 72cm cleaning width, you will be able to achieve a clean floor in no time at all and with less time spent on emptying and refills! The dual brush design allows for increased pressure from the brushes to the floor, perfect for areas that see heavy traffic and require a deep clean. Featuring simple controls brush pressure selection, built in battery charging, easy fill and easy emptying facilities, with traction power drive which will be essential if inclines or ramps are involved. • Dual Brush Cleaning - More pressure from the twin brush design allows for a deep clean when you need it. • On-board Charging - Convenient and easy, just plug and go. • Gel Batteries - Up to 5hr runtime, 8-10hr charge time. • Flexifill System - Easy filling and emptying with flexifill system. • Battery and Hour Meter - Simple clear hour/battery indicator.