Ride on Floor Scrubber

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Numatic Ride on Floor Scrubber

The Numatic Ride on Floor Scrubber will produce powerful cleaning results and is particularly suited to larger areas. These floor scrubbers ensure clean, dry and safe floors in minutes, offering fast and high quality cleaning results where ever they are needed.

A Numatic ride on floor scrubber will ensure complete cleaning control with an intuitive dashboard and operator controls as well as colour coded touch points. The ride on floor scrubber range includes machines with various size tanks and scrubbing widths, each suited to different area sizes and floor types.

Points to consider when identifying the correct ride on scrubber drier are:
– Area size to be cleaned
– Type of floor to be cleaned
– Length of time required to clean the area
– Battery running time – can you clean the whole area in 1 charge ?

Battery running times are between 3 and 5.5 hours, depending on the scrubber model and battery type.  The batteries in ride on scrubbers require a full charge cycle, this mean that they should not be charged for a short period and the machine put into use again. The batteries should be left on charge after use and be allowed to charge overnight in the case of day shift use, and during the day in the case of night shift use.

Numatic ride on scrubber driers include on-board chargers for ease of use. The machine can be parked near a power socked and simply plugged in and left to charge.

Numatic Ride-on Scrubber CRO8072G

Numatic Ride-on Scrubber CRO8072G - Compact design providing long runtime, 80 litre capacity, 720mm scrub width and on-board charging station to help you stay cleaning for longer.

Numatic Ride-on Scrubber TTV678G

Numatic Ride-on Scrubber TTV678G - A comfortable, driver friendly, 120 litre, front wheel drive machine with a fantastic turning radius, gets in and out of places other machines just won’t go.

Numatic Ride-on Scrubber TRG720

Numatic Ride-on Scrubber TRG720 - A more user friendly ride-on scrubber dryer would be hard to find. Designed to provide long, simple and reliable service day in, day out, with powerful and professional results, whatever the environment.