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Santoemma has been manufacturing professional cleaning machines in Italy since 1980. The products are sold worldwide through networks of qualified dealers, operating in different fields and countries.

The machines have been designed to be efficient, reliable and long-lasting working tools. The present product range is the result of a continual development strategy aimed at improving the existing machines and developing new models, suitable for solving specific cleaning and sanitizing problems.

The merits that customers acknowledge are:
– The effectiveness of Santoemma systems
– Quality and strength of the machines
– Simplicity of maintenance
– Spare part availability

The Santoemma CARPET program includes the widest range of machines and accessories for professional carpet cleaning, developed to solve cleaning problems in any size area. The whole range is characterized by reliability and robustness.

In addition, all Santoemma machines also allow you to sanitize carpet that was previously cleaned, eliminating bacteria and viruses. Some models are supplied standard with devices that allow you to quickly sanitize carpet, for other models these devices are optional accessories.

Santoemma has developed its own method for the professional cleaning of carpeted areas that achieves better results than any other system available. The following points are focussed on:

­Quality results: the carpet is clean like new and it gets dirty again slowly, like a brand new carpet.
Extremely reduced drying time: the carpet can be dry in 1 hour!
User-friendly cleaning operations: the operator’s time and effort are considerably decreased.
The Santoemma Method incorporates all the cleaning factors within carpet cleaning and uses them simultaneously and optimally: chemical action, mechanical action, temperature, time and vacuuming.

Each factor has been optimized by the design of Santoemma special systems and devices that are added to a basic injection-extraction machine, transforming it into a “Professional SET” for carpet cleaning.