Window Cleaning

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Window Cleaning

We stock a wide range of products and accessories for Window Cleaning.

Included in this product range are window washers & squeegees, telescopic poles for high access as well as water fed poles with water filtration. We also stock replacement window washing sleeves and squeegee blades. A comprehensive kit is available that includes everything that you may require for home or professional window cleaning.  Additional items can be purchased to compliment this kit as well as  top-up sleeves and squeegee blades once they are worn out. The window washers & squeegees are available in various sizes, as well as a combination unit that can simply be flicked over from washer to squeegee. Out telescopic poles have universal fittings so that many manufacturers units will fit securely.

Window vacs compliment this range and ensure steak free drying on all hard surfaces like windows, mirrors and shower doors as well as counter tops. They simply vacuum the water into a container ensuring that there is no dripping or residual moisture on the surface.

Window and Surface Vacuum Cleaner WVP 10

Our battery-powered WVP 10 window- and surface vacuum cleaner is always comfortable to hold whether you are working on horizontal or vertical surfaces, or even overhead. Ideal for all smooth surfaces such as windows and tiles.



Washer: WIGE-1049 Sleeve: WIGE-1052 T-bar: WIGE-1055

Washer: WIGE-1050 Sleeve: WIGE-1053

Window Cleaning Kit

Box includes: Sponge, 2 x 1.1m E-line telepole, 20cm window scraper with handle, 35cm window washer, 3 x channel and rubbers (24cm, 35cm, 45cm), crank joint, channel with 10 blades, 92cm rubber)

Window Cleaner WV 50 Plus

Window Cleaner WV 50 Plus from Karcher, the first electric window vac developed from Kärcher for the optimal support of cleaning flat surfaces. The set contains a complete solution for cleaning windows. Click here for pricing or to order online.