31Jan 2018

Currently there are two types of home, commercial industrial cleaning machines namely: carpet cleaners and carpet extractors. Essentially, both these machines do the same job, they clean carpets with either carpet cleaning solutions or water. Because of this, many believe that there’s actually no difference between the carpet cleaner and the carpet extractor, and some […]

23Jan 2018

Introduction Washing Cars Everyone takes pride in a clean vehicle, but not everyone has the time or the energy to wash their car as thoroughly as it deserves. A car is an investment and it needs to be protected as such. A great way to protect your asset is by washing it reguarly with the […]

23Jan 2018

No matter where you are and what you do, it is so important to your health that your working and living environment is clean. Esepcially larger scale industrial sites. It often is not common knowledge on how to clean an industrial side mess. Thankfully ITS simply clean has solutions to industrial cleaning equipment.  ITS Africa […]

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