20Nov 2018

Dirt, at times it seems utterly unescapable, and when we find it in and around our homes we tend to look for extreme though effective methods for keeping it under control. This is fine and well with those things that be cleaned with relative ease. But what about those that take on more stubborn dirt […]

30Aug 2018

Office space cleanliness is an important matter for any business. With such a high concentration and movement of people, germs and bacteria can gather and build-up fairly quickly, making for an unsavoury work environment that is unhygienic, unhealthy, and possibly fraught with odours and contaminants. In this article we will look at one of the […]

06Aug 2018
The Benefits of High Pressure Cleaners | ITS Africa

With the development of modern technology, cleaning machines have increased by leaps and bounds which revolutionised the cleaning industry. One of the most common solution when it comes to industrial and commercial cleaning are the high pressure cleaners. A high-pressure water cleaning systems is exactly that; the water is pressurised inside an operating machine. High […]

05Jun 2018

Dry ice blasting is a cleaning technique that is often similar to sand blasting, soda blasting or even bead blasting, where there are 3mm dry ice pellets accelerated in a pressurized air stream in order to impact the surface to be cleaned. Once it gets in contact with the surface that needs cleaning, it evaporates. […]

29May 2018

How often are your drains at home cleaned? How often should they be cleaned? Which methods work the best? Proper drain cleaning is important in order to remove clogs and to keep your drains running correctly, it can also prevent any future issues with the drains in your home. Reducing Blockages Blockages can be prevented […]

04May 2018

There is a large number of steam cleaning machines available today that boast that they can make your tile, carpet, laminate floors or wood look like new. Below are some helpful tips and information about steam cleaning machines for different types of floors. Steam Versus Vapor Steam Some floor cleaners work with vapor steam and […]

25Apr 2018

Carpet cleaning can extend the life of your carpet as well as improve the appearance, but maybe the most valuable benefit from this process is that it improves you and your family’s health. If you or a family member suffer from conditions that may affect their breathing such as, asthma or snoring, it is important […]

10Apr 2018

The type of high pressure washer that you choose to invest in, is going to make cleaning your home and industrial premises a whole lot easier. Whether you are cleaning a roof, deck, driveway or wall, you need to ensure that your high pressure washer is in very good condition, in order for you to […]

26Feb 2018

This is a difficult time for South Africans because no matter where you are, you are most likely experiencing some form of a drought or water restrictions. Some places have stricter water restrictions than others. The past few years, especially the drought that Cape Town is facing, has shown us, how important water is and […]

26Feb 2018

Wine! Who does not love wine? Most of us do.  However, there is a lot more to making wine other than growing and stomping on grapes. And with anything else in life, it is important to keep everything clean and hygienic in order to offer a superior quality product. When it comes to wine, a […]

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