Karcher Sweepers and Vacuum Sweepers

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ITS Africa is a leading supplier of Karcher Sweepers and Vacuum Sweepers and full range of specialised types of cleaning equipment from various leading manufacturers around the world.

Thanks to exceptional partnerships, a dedicated and experienced team of industry professionals, and an understanding of the cleaning needs of your business, we ensure solutions that make all the difference to your environment, at less of a cost to you, and with solutions that make cleaning simple, convenient, efficient, and ergonomic.

As part of these offers, we have a strong focus on our offerings of Karcher Sweepers and Vacuum Sweepers that have been designed and developed to provide businesses of all types with the ultimate cleaning solution.

Our range of Karcher Sweepers and Vacuum Sweepers ensures that your establishment is clean and safe for your employees and visitors. Where a clean workspace allows for the prevention of illnesses, but it also maintains a standard in the workplace.

Walk-behind sweepers and vacuum sweepers
For courtyards, paths, workshops and halls. For caretakers, tradesmen, contract cleaners and industry. Walk-behind sweepers and vacuum sweepers are ergonomic and easy to use. They sweep thoroughly with low dust development – even in corners. Machines with traction drive are ideal from 300 m².

Ride-on vacuum sweepers
Economical, clean and efficient on medium-sized and large areas: thanks to the wide range of machines, Kärcher vacuum sweepers meet all requirements. Special importance is always attached to the latest, customer-oriented technology as well as easy handling, access and service.

Industrial sweepers
Whether the logistics sector, steel processing, construction industry or cement works: Kärcher industrial sweepers are reliable and efficient. They are designed for the toughest industrial use for large areas and increased dirt volumes. The award-winning filter system ensures a dust-free environment even in extreme cases.


To find out more about our extensive offers on quality Kärcher Industrial Vacuum Sweepers be sure to get in contact with a representative from ITS Africa today.