The type of high pressure washer that you choose to invest in, is going to make cleaning your home and industrial premises a whole lot easier. Whether you are cleaning a roof, deck, driveway or wall, you need to ensure that your high pressure washer is in very good condition, in order for you to expect the best performance from it.

Below we have a few tips that you can follow to keep your high pressure washer in the very best condition for years to come:

• Yu should ensure that the engine’s air filter is clean at all times, as the filter is responsible for keeping dust and dirt out of the engine. It is good practice to clean your air filter every 4 to 5 hours when making use of the washer. After the unit has done 100 hours of work, you should consider replacing the air filter. You will not be able to clean paper air filters without causing some damage to it, but foam filters could be washed and thoroughly soaked in engine oil before you return it to the unit.
• It is recommended to clean the fuel filter on a schedule. Once every few months, take that time to clean your fuel filter, but try to ensure that you consult with your owner’s manual before doing this, as all high pressure cleaners are going to have different requirements when it comes to this.
• Ensure that your washers water inlet screen is cleaned regularly. Debris and dirt can build up on the screen quite quickly. You can clean the screen effectively by simply rinsing it with some water. Just keep in mind that it needs to be completely dry before you replace it into the washer. You will need to replace the screen if it is damaged.
• You will need to thoroughly inspect the connections and hose before and after every use of the washer, to ensure that the wear and tear has not compromised any of the components.
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