Before floor scrubbers came along, cleaning floors required a lot of soap, water and strong chemicals to get rid of all the stains. This task often required you to get down on your knees to scrub the floors. Luckily, today we have floor scrubbers for sale, they reduce the amount of time spent cleaning your floors significantly. The floor scrubber is also known as a mop.

In many establishments and buildings more than commercial equipment, it has become quite common for us to see this tool as part of the daily floor maintenance and it takes so much less time cleaning floors as you would have if you were doing it manually.

There are many different types of floor scrubbing equipment which include:

  • Floor buffers
  • Automated
  • Polishers

These tools are all designed and designed and made from different materials in order to give you the results you want. One of the very common materials used in these scrubbers is sponge pads, they are usually used with fluid-type cleaning agents.


Buffers are basically an updated version of floor scrubbers, since they are designed for use on linoleum covered and other covered flooring. And since the floor scrubber is used not only for home cleaning but also for facilities like schools and other buildings, the floor scrubber needed to be designed in a way that it could deliver the same results regardless of the floor type and surface. This type of scrubber still has the same rotary brush as the automated ones, however, the brush is made up of softer material to ensure that it does not damage the surface of the floors covering.


The earlier versions of the automated floor scrubber have wells for the soap and water and its very basic design is that of a push lawn mower but with less bulk. It also has jets that pour cleaning mixtures to the floor in order for you to clean it. The rotary brushes do the cleaning on the surface of the floor as it efficient scrubs off and cleans out the dirt.

There is also much less water left behind when using an automated floor scrubber, which means you’re already benefitting.

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