We all have certain parts of our jobs that we wish we didn’t have to put up with, but for the vast majority of us, our work conditions do still reach a fairly pleasant standard. There are those jobs and industries though, that can do little to spruce up their working environments, generally due to the type of materials that they handle. So, if you were looking for an excuse to give your nice, clean working environment some kudos, here are some of the most unhygienic jobs in the world.


While notions of attending medical school to specialise in a field generally have noble overtones, there are those who do just that to spend their careers examining human waste, exposing themselves to unsavoury odours and dealing with generally unpleasant body parts in the name of keeping digestive tracts healthy. Gastroenterologists are highly skilled and specialised to do just that; so be sure to thank your doctor the next time you see a specialist for IBS.


Your imagination could inspire a slew of reasons why a mortuary is an unsavoury place to work, so think about that the next time you complain about the BO of a co-worker. Besides the use and presence of dangerous disinfectants, you are working with human cadavers; infectious, fluid and gas-filled cadavers. Preparing bodies for funerals is taxing and sometimes unhygienic to the point of danger; and embalmers are expected to be licenced and highly trained.

Maggot Cultivator

‘Why on earth would you need to cultivate maggots?’ you might ask. Well, it is actually a surprisingly lucrative enterprise when it comes to bate. Fishing is an enterprise that extends across hobbyists, professionals and industries alike, and each of these sects needs a ready supply of affordable raw-materials for bate.

Leather Tanner

Tanneries are often set up in countries where there is a large supply of cheap labour, which is unfortunate because they offer some of the most abysmal and dangerous working conditions you could imagine. Chrome, natrium and ammonium salts are used in huge quantities during the process; the runoff of which when combined with um- organic matter, creates a gory scene over the entire facility as part of usual operations.

Dirt Steriliser

Oil spills devastate coast lines and oceans from time to time, and when it happens it can take clean-up crews years to complete the task removing contaminants of raw crude. However, when oils spills happen inland as a result of pipe ruptures, the mess can be all the more devastating. It is said that by the time clean-up crews are done with inland spills, they are bogged by dirt to the point where they are unrecognisable.

Keep your workplace clean with ITS Africa

Fortunately for many of us, we work in environments that are free from these unique and unsavoury challenges, but even office spaces can be an unhygienic place to work if they are not properly cleaned. If you would like to know more about sourcing industrial and commercial cleaning equipment and appliances, contact one of our representatives from ITS Africa, or visit our website for details.

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