Horger Artificial Turf Cleaner SKR

For intensive cleaning and extraction of dirty water in one single operation, developed for compact and small tractors. The artificial turf cleaner consists of a cleaning attachment in the front mounted pump and a tank unit in the rear mounting. The rear tank is divided into a fresh and a waste area. The high pressure pump powered by the PTO shaft sucks the fresh water and forces it through hoses to the front cleaning purpose.

Here, the cleaning is done in the alluvial brush system with pure water without added detergents. The dirty water in the rear recovery tank will be transported and extracted with an injector pump. Even moss and algae is removed by using our artificial turf cleaner SKR. Furthermore, the tank-and-pump unit is compatible with our synthetic track cleaner KBR front cleaning purpose.

Frontal cleaning attachment: Working width 1.50 m, with 500 mm diameter cylindrical brush, nozzle manifold, dirt water pump, drive shaft, pick-up attachment removable for mounting coarse dirt attachment.
Tank pump unit for rear assembly: Double box tank for fresh and dirty water, steering axle with pneumatic tyres, fittings, pressure hoses, cardan shaft, dirty water tap, brackets. from 2000 kg tractor dead weight.
Pump tolling: As per capacity of the drive shaft of the tractor