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ITS Africa includes the widest range of machines and accessories for home and  professional carpet cleaning, developed to solve cleaning problems in any size area. Our range is characterized by reliability and robustness.

Our Carpet Cleaning Machines achieve better results than many other system available, focus is placed on the following:
­Quality results – the carpet is clean like new and it gets dirty again slowly, like a brand new carpet
Extremely reduced drying time – the carpet can be dry in 1 hour (depending on the machine and method used).
User-friendly cleaning operations – the operator’s time and effort are considerably decreased.

Our range incorporates all the cleaning factors within carpet cleaning and uses them simultaneously (depending on model) and optimally: chemical action, mechanical action, temperature, time and vacuuming.

With the spray-extraction system, a solution of water and chemical is sprayed into the carpet’s fibres and immediately sucked out. The solution and the dirt removed are recovered directly into the dirty water tank of the machine. It is sometimes  necessary to pass several times on the same strip before completing the cleaning process. The drying time of the carpet after cleaning greatly depends on the vacuum strength. A specially designed high waterlift vacuum system is the best option for quickest drying time. With high waterlift machines shorter drying times are achieved and better cleaning results are obtained.

The cleaning result is improved with the mechanical action of a rotating cylindrical brush. This allows complete cleaning of each fibre by removing dirt from the base of the carpet fibres, which otherwise resurfaces a few days after cleaning. The mechanical action of the brush is therefore essential to obtain a professional result.

After cleaning a carpet with chemical, it is recommended to repeat the process  with water only. This is in order to remove any sticky residue that is left over, which causes the carpet to re-soil quickly. The rinsing phase, though important, is seldom thought about or performed due to the extra time required.

CT 370-2 Carpet Extraction Machine

There really is nothing quite so useful as a small, compact Cleantec machine that provides the combination of a powered liquid supply and efficient wet pick-up facility... all incorporated in one unit. Mainly used in the cleaning of carpets and upholstery these machines can be equally effective on hard floors where there is a need for localized scrubbing and wet pick-up operation. The power head is to the full TwinFlo’ specification ensuring excellent performance but, in addition, has incorporated as standard our Powerflo’ pump system and quick release fluid connector. The container system is to our unique “tank within a tank” design ensuring as compact a total package as possible.

CT 470-2 Carpet Extraction Machine

The CT-470 is the bigger brother to the 370 with double its capacity for those that need more operational time between filling and emptying to cover larger areas. The power head incorporates the high performance TwinFlo’ bypass motor and Powerflo’ pump system ensuring efficient discharge and liquid collection. The container system is our unique “tank within a tank” design providing for clean and dirty water within one compact size.

CTD 570-2 Carpet Extraction

The 570 series has become the most popular contractors’ extraction cleaner by choice... and this is not by chance, but by design. The full Structofoam construction is designed to take the bangs and bruises that any machine will suffer in true commercial use because that’s what you need - a machine that’s construction is beyond reproach and will give you years of reliable service. The Structofoam 570 is available in both one and two-motored models built to the full TwinFlo’ specification and incorporating our Powerflo’ pump and quick connect liquid system. The containers are also full Structofoam incorporating our unique “tank within a tank” system to maintain a compact and usable size. The full accessory kit provides for both carpet and upholstery cleaning with optional additional accessories for hard floor, wet or dry pick-up facilities.

CTD 900-2 Carpet Extraction Machine

When describing the Cleantec 900 we have called it the “truck-type” machine because it is built like a truck yet is as easy to handle as any of the Cleantec range. The all Structofoam construction leaves little to be desired, being rugged yet light in weight, and with oversized wheels and castors you can move it easily over all surfaces, or up and down stairways. The 900 is our largest machine to incorporate the compact “tank within a tank” design, allowing for use in confined areas. The 900’s come in two models, one-motored or two-motored, both incorporating our TwinFlo’ bypass motors and integrated Powerflo’ pump system. The pump system injects the cleaning solution deep into the carpets in a continuous deep cleaning cycle and these bigger machines will cover an area more than three times that of our smaller machines, without the need for emptying. The unique tipper system incorporated within the chassis design allows for the machine to be emptied in floor drains or WC’s where available, and this is especially important in office blocks and high rise apartment blocks. The full accessory kit provides for both carpet or upholstery cleaning, with optional kits and accessories available for hard floor cleaning and wet and dry pick-up.

Santoemma Sabrina

The smallest injection-extraction machine of the Santoemma range, designed for professional cleaning of small carpet and hard floor areas. Small, robust and versatile, ideal for areas up to 100 sqm. - Cleaning width: 27 cm - Max. perfomance: 100 m²/h - Tank capacity: 14/14 litres - Max. waterlift: 3000 mm H20

Santoemma Sabrina-Maxi

Professional and compact injection-extraction machine, sturdy and very effective. Easy to transport, ideal for cleaning companies. - Cleaning width: 30 cm - Max. performance: 180 m²/h - Tank capacity: 30/30 litres - Max. waterlift: 3000 mm H20

Santoemma Sabrina-Foam

Special dense-foam extraction machine, designed to perfectly clean any type of upholstery, with quick drying time. Drying time of 30 minutes only. - Max. performance: 20/30 seats/h - Tank capacity: 14/14 litres - Compressor: internal - Max. waterlift: 3000 mm H2O

Santoemma HOT Sabrina Foam

Special hot-dense-foam machine designed to clean effectively upholstery of all kinds. The hot foam guarantees excellent cleaning results even in case of extremely dirt fabrics and an even shorter drying time. Particularly appreciated to work in winter and in cold areas. Drying time of 30 minutes only. - Max. performance: 20/30 seats/h - Tank capacity: 14/14 litres - Compressor: internal - Max. waterlift: 3000 mm H2O


With two high waterlift vacuum motors, Grace-Silent achieves a drying without comparisons, with maximum operating-speed. - Cleaning width: 30 cm - Max. performance: 220 m²/h - Tank capacity: 70/70 litre - Max. waterlift: 3400 mm H20


The smallest self-contained machine, with rotating brush, designed for professional cleaning of small areas of carpet and hard-floor. Small, robust and very effective, ideal for areas up to 150-200 sqm. - Cleaning width: 27 cm - Max. performance: 120 m²/h - Tank capacity: 14/14 litres - Max. waterlift: 3000 mm H20


Self-contained machine, which allows you to clean quickly large carpeted areas, with the comfort of walking forward. Particularly quiet, it is the ideal machine for hotels. - Cleaning width: 50 cm - Max. performance: 550 m²/h - Tank capacity: 50/50 litres - Max. waterlift: 3400 mm H20

NHL 15 Carpet Extraction

The CleanTec Hi-Lo 15 has been designed from the ground up to reflect the need for quick and effective carpet care with the minimum of preparation and effort. Within the single design we have incorporated our TwinFlo’ high performance, carpet vacuum extraction system together with our dual, high performance, deep clean, PowerFlo’ pump injection unit, providing a choice of two performance standards which can be selected at any time to suit your specific needs. Almost every carpet cleaning task is made up of two specific areas:- the heavily soiled dirt tracked areas, always present in doorways and main walkways but, equally, a much larger area of carpet off the beaten track and only lightly soiled. The Hi-Lo system allows you to select the Hi pressure... 4 Bar (60 psi)... TriJet performance for heavily soiled areas and the Lo pressure... 2 Bar (30 psi) standard for lesser soiled areas. This system gives you the exact performance you need by simple selection, Hi or Lo, and reduces carpet wetting in areas where carpets need less cleaning penetration. For user convenience we have allowed for two separate emptying systems: full removal of the dirty water tank or, where this is not practical, an integrated dump hose. Hi-Lo is not just for carpets, it has all the power, performance and convenience for the cleaning of fabrics and upholstery.

Karcher Carpet Cleaner SE 4001

The Karcher Carpet Cleaner SE 4001 thoroughly cleans textile surfaces. This spray extraction machine cleans deep into the fibres and is suitable for allergy sufferers and households with pets. Click here for pricing or to order online.

Karcher Carpet Cleaner SE 5.100

The Karcher Carpet Cleaner SE 5.100 cleans textile surfaces deep into the fibres. With 2-in-1 comfort system, 2-tank system, large buttons and practical twist lock. Click here for pricing or to order online.

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner - 77 litre

These machines offer the following advantages: Two heavy duty bypass motors, flow jet solution pump, drain sluice valve, reinforced fiber glass construction, electronic control unit for safety precaution, reliable, easy to use and robust, deep steam processes for carpets, upholstery, cars, etc., See-through section to monitor water level in recovery tank, machines are constructed so that switches and fittings are well protected while being convenient.

Carpet Blower

A multi-purpose centrifugal Carpet Blower, used to cool, ventilate and dry – walls, furniture and typically, floors and carpets. This portable utility type fan is suitable for a variety applications including homes, garages, workshops, warehouses, etc. Ideal for carper drying after cleaning, janitorial cleaning, paint drying and water spillages.

The Puzzi 8/1 C is a powerful entry-level spray extraction machine. The spray extraction machine can be used for upholstery cleaning or for removing stains on carpets. Because an extremely small amount of residual moisture remains after cleaning, cleaned carpets and upholstery can be quickly used again. Equipped as standard with a spray vacuum hose and ergonomic hand nozzle.

Puzzi 10/1 with floor nozzle/upholstery nozzle for cleaning carpets and upholstery using spray extraction. Ideal for smaller areas. With integrated cable hook and holder for handle with trigger/suction pipe.

Puzzi 10/2 Adv: Spray extraction machine with defoamer dosage, cleaning agent compartment, integrated cable hook, holder for handle with trigger/suction pipe and a power outlet for PW 30/1 for improved area performance.

The Puzzi 30/4 spray extraction machine is the economical cleaning solution for large carpet surfaces and makes cleaning ergonomic, stress-free and quick.

The quietest wet vacuum of its kind: Puzzi 30/4 E with 66 dB(A). For cleaning larger carpets. Ergonomic upright concept. Integrated heating elements (optional fresh water tank heating).

Carpet Cleaner | Karcher | ITS

Additional power brush for Puzzi 200 which rises the basic output by about 35 %.

Carpet Cleaner | Karcher | ITS

Provides exceptional cleaning results and leaves carpets dry enough to re-entry in only 20 minutes. Using encapsulation technology the machine cleans carpets thoroughly with the minimum of effort and downtime.

Carpet Cleaner | Karcher | ITS

Compact carpet cleaner for fast and economical spray extraction cleaning of small areas; also ideal for spot and interim cleaning of carpets with I-Capsolation pre-spray. Economical on areas between 200 und 800 m².

Carpet Cleaner | Karcher | ITS

Compact BRC 40/22 C carpet cleaner for economic and rapid spray extraction or intermediate cleaning of carpeted surfaces of between 250 and 1,000 m².

Deep and interim carpet cleaning in one machine.