Numatic PPR240-11 Provac Dry Vacuum Cleaner

The ProVac range is a perfect example of combining the very best innovation into a single product range to produce exceptional results in many more ways than one could imagine.

The enhanced power and performance from our TwinFlo vacuum technology are fully complemented by a combination of our new NST Sound Reduction and AutoSave energy conservation systems.

HepaFlo filtration not only raises performance standards but provides for clean and convenient emptying when full. Both of the design concepts have their own individual merits but need to be considered carefully when taking into account the cleaning regime, distances involved on a daily or weekly basis; building to building; up and down stairways; long corridors; all must play a part in
the decision making process.

The AutoSave system automatically starts in the economy, energy conservation mode, immediately reducing your power requirements by half, exactly the same as switching off 10 x 60W light bulbs! If, at any time, more power is needed, one push of
the Hi switch gives you literally twice as much which can sometimes be almost too much but fear not, a second push of the switch and you will automatically return to economy again. Simple green technology and yours to command.