Polystatic Mops PSM400G

Dust care and control are fundamental to the majority of public area cleaning programmes, as is spot cleaning when appropriate. The PolyStatic DISPOSABLE mop system, offers the best of both worlds whilst being fully cost controlled.

The PolyStatic dusters cling to the special PolyMop 40cm cleaning head, held firmly in place by our special Xtra Grip Dust mop holder. The mops are 100% polyester, generating electrostatic precipitation by the movement over the surface being cleaned, the more you use it the better it works. It really does act as a dust magnet which is exactly what you want. Eventually, the mop duster will be dirty and need replacing, just throw away the old and put on the new.

The PolyStatic system has equally been extended to spot cleaning where damp cleaning is necessary to ensure the removal of marks such as coffee spills, soft drinks, wet feet, etc, something MORE than just dust.