Numatic Loline Range NLL415G Rotary

With the increasing demand and need for higher standards of cleanliness, the Lolines will put truly useable power in the hands of the operator, yet with a level of convenience that cannot fail to impress and, subsequently, to improve both efficiency and the final results.

The Loline 415 model embodies all of the many unique features of the 332 but is suitable for a range of larger 40cm (16”) brushes and 36cm (14”) floor pads.

With this machine running at an operating speed of 150rpm it is a genuine taskmaster, satisfying a whole host of floor maintenance needs, be it polishing or scrubbing.

The exceptional ease of use cannot fail to impress any user, and even more so where extended operating hours are part of the daily routine. The solution tank system allows for easy use and compact storage, whilst its unique universal filling system adds further to operator convenience.